saginthesunforever is a philosopher, activist, and artist who works in different mediums. They study the universe and what it means to be human, focusing on black freedom, spirituality, and the expression of creative thought.

In their work, which looks at the inside and outside worlds, they use art to help themselves grow, change and heal. They think that creativity is one of the most powerful things in the universe, and they use it to connect with other people and their more evolved selves.

They are also very passionate about social justice, fairness, and human rights issues. They believe that art can change how people think and feel and use this belief to speak up for cultures that don't get enough attention.

They are a poet and an activist at the same time. They believe that words can change the world for the better, and they use their platform to speak up for groups that need more attention. They care a lot about social justice issues and using art to get things done.

The poetry in saginthesunforever is raw and intense. It talks about love, sadness, identity, and injustice, among other things. Their work has been published in several journals, and they are finishing their first poetry collection.

They are a person who gives off love and light. They're looking for the truth and knowledge, and they're sure there's only one place to go. They care a lot about spirituality, the freedom of black people, and making the world more open to everyone.

They are creative people who work in many different ways. They think creativity is one of the best ways to improve our lives and the world around us. They also like trying out new ways to show who they are.

They are artists who taught themselves how to paint and draw, which they enjoy doing. They started by painting landscapes and seascapes, but now they like to try out paintings in many different styles and materials. They are always looking for new ways to share who they are and their creative ideas with the world.

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