If you're putting together a gallery wall featuring a large mural of an image you've photographed, choosing a focal point that will be visually striking from the start is essential. That can mean the right angle or distance from the subject, and it's also a matter of personal taste.

In this image, a person is looking at a gallery wall featuring a large mural of an anthropomorphic cactus. The wall features framed, and non-framed art and is dotted with metal display cubes containing various potted cactus plants.

Choosing the right frame can make or break the overall feel of an artwork. For instance, if the frame is too bright and overpowers the painting, it will ultimately draw the viewer's attention away from the image.

Framing can also suggest value, exclusivity, and status and even reflect the personality of an art collector or homeowner. In addition, frames can also echo the artist's artistic judgment and insight.

A well-executed gallery wall deserves a starring role in any home or office, but you can't deny that you may be tempted to fill them with stuffy artifacts and other clutter hounds. Luckily, several options will allow you to transform your walls into works of art without compromising your sanity or budget. 

You can even create a wall from your favorite photographs (a la Pinterest). For the more laid-back among us, you'll have to be more than a bit patient to get the full effects of this magic trick, but it is a task that you'll thank yourself for once you have finished snagging the prize.

The colors in this gallery wall are a fun mix. They include dusty blush shades perfect for the love child of rustic bohemian and chic mid-century modern decor.

In addition to the framed artwork, this wall is decorated with colorful flowers and potted plants. These houseplants bring life to the room and coordinate well with the bright greens in the framed artwork.

Remember to keep the artwork at an equal distance from each other when arranging your collection. This ensures the pieces don't look cluttered and creates a more cohesive wall.

To create a balanced arrangement, first, trace each of your frames onto paper and move them around on the wall with painter's tape before hanging them up. This will allow you to make adjustments quickly without damaging the wall.

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